xPortal Gamification Feature - How to Improve

The xPortal app is without question one of the best apps in the entire crypto space offering features not found anywhere else. One in particular is very underutilized and could not only keep many users more engaged but also draw in more users with some added functionality and that is the Gamification feature.

Currently users have the ability to check in daily and complete quests to earn SFTs but I believe this could go much further and offer more incentives to engage. I’ll toss out a couple ideas and hopefully the community can help me take it from there. Understanding that this is most likely not a priority for the team as adding features such as multi-wallet support, cards, and more chains will undoubtably help the growth of xPortal and MultiversX to a greater extent but a discussion can be opened.

My focus will be on features that can be implemented for little to no cost outside of development. I think it is important to keep in mind that it is not logical to have for an example “Complete quest XYZ for 1 EGLD” as that has a cost to the team. So I will keep suggestions and ideas to those that can work without a big cost or any cost(outside development) to the team and ask you to do the same.

1.) Short educational videos or slides can be built into the missions. I believe education is one of the biggest things missing from the space currently. Videos/slides that can be watched or read in 2-4 minutes tops.

Examples such as:

“What is a herotag?”
“What is staking?”
“What are Guardians?”

“How are assets stored?”
“What is an NFT?”
“What is blockchain?”

Keeping it fairly basic as many don’t need to understand what consensus is or adaptive sharding, etc. But understanding the basics is good for all. Many of these topics are found in the help section but how many actually utilize that?

I would incorporate a short 3-5 question quiz with all these in order for the user to receive the XP or reward. Coinbase does this very well with their token quizzes. I would also have these missions separate from the others so they do not block progression if someone chooses not to complete them.

I am more than willing to help create short educational videos to be used. Rewards for this can be additional XP and/or an SFT that makes it feel like the user has graduated.

2.) Adding to the last idea about educational videos/slides, it would be great to see more educational content around ecosystem projects.

This can also help drive more utility to MEX through more meta bonding participation possibly which I’ll touch on in a bit.

Allow projects to apply to create a mission and set of quests. Let’s take PulsarMoney for example. The team could create 3-5 short videos or pieces of content to be incorporated into the “Play” function of xPortal. Along with a short quiz. Once completed and passed successfully the user receives XP as well as an SFT designed by PulsarMoney.

This would incur a cost to the projects but the value it can offer by educating users on their products and services would likely outweigh that cost as it would be part of the marketing budget.

This can be taken a step further by enticing more projects to get involved with Metabonding. Metabonding is great to have but it doesn’t do much for project exposure since most users, including myself, just claim rewards while never diving into what the project or token may be.

So imagine a project offering up a tiny % of its token supply, maybe even 1%, to be used for Mission rewards.

How does this help meta bonding though?

It can be managed in a couple ways:

a.) The project has to also be part of meta bonding to have access to creating missions in xportal
b.) Users only earn meta bonding rewards for Missions they have completed, ie. I have to complete the video series and quiz by CyberpunkCity in order to receive those weekly rewards

To incentivize projects even more to signup for meta bonding/educational content, which benefits the entire ecosystem, the core MVX team could help with the creation of the educational content OR can contract it out to creators in the ecosystem.

For example, would a new and vetted project be interested in offering up a small supply of their tokens if they were given help with marketing from the community?

This could be part of the upcoming ambassador program and maybe it even is already. Having our content creators create threads, long form posts, short videos, etc to help gain exposure for the new project.

3.) Additional missions can be incorporated around using or interacting with more dapps in the hub.

Similar to part 2 where projects can apply to get a mission or set of quests with content, allow projects to create a mission with quests around usage of their dapp in the Hub. This may come with technical challenges or not be possible at all though so I am not sure if tracking dapp usage is possible for completion of these quests.

An example could be for FrameIt. They could have a set of missions such as Open the dapp, list an NFT, buy an NFT, sell an NFT, create an auction, etc and once completed an SFT is issued by FrameIt. Something to entice users to explore more apps beyond the small handful they may use on a daily basis.

Those are just 3 ideas but I’m sure plenty more can be thought of to help this underutilized feature. A feature that can help us get to that 10million user milestone so we can see Benjamin and Sergiu do a dance. :slight_smile:


I see gamification in #xPortal starting without the language barrier, with a simple function but with a booster effect for a global (babylon) organic adoption:

  • to be able to write, read and video watching in my mother tongue language what each of us write, speak or read in other mother tongue.

An AI machine, a xGenie self translate in my #xPortal, I know, a StarTrek in my pocket!

Note: #MultiversXThesisChallenge


Good ideas! and I agree with @mugurelbirliba and the importance of content in different languages.
I would change the daily claim system to something similar to CoinGecko. Losing a streak of 200 days of effort by forgetting 1 day seems a bit cruel. There could be XP bonuses for making 20 or 50 daily claims and if you don’t do it for 1 day you will lose the bonus but not go back to the start for not doing it for 1 or 2 days. Perhaps a one-week gap would be a little less painful to get back to the beginning.

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It would be even acceptable to be able to pay a small fee in egld or mex…
.fees that could go into the chalenges rewards.

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Regarding check-in XP, another way to make it more enjoyable and less frustrating might be to keep a score in percentage (eg. 2 missed days out of a total 100 days = 98%).

Displaying the total number of total claimed days next to the percentage might also be interesting and could open a new way of getting small/symbolic rewards. (if you reach let’s say 350 days of “Claim XP” and have at least 95%)