xPortal game for new users (proof of luck)

Would it be possible to see something like this on xPortal? Just thinking how xPortal could accelerate adoption :thinking:

Extra long read, so get comfortable or skip it :slight_smile:

- A stupid simple game for xPortal users, any user can win stablecoin and eGLD prizes by clicking a button.

- Attract new users to xPortal/MvX and keep them active
- Get community to be part of the adoption process

The game from user perspective:
- Go to xPortal → click a button to win → (if you’re lucky) win $5 or 0.001 eGLD
- Refer new people, get more chances (and the referral user also get more chances)
- You only have 1 daily chance

*the amount of $ (native stablecoin), of eGLD and the number of daily chances to be discussed

How it should work:
(my tech skills suck, so I hope it’s possible to be implemented)

The game will be onchain and it will use the… I’ll call it $LT token (lucky token).

The user is eligible for claiming $LT (and playing) only if there’s a verified phone number linked to the xPortal account (or any other restriction to avoid bot activity and multiple wallets/user).

Users will claim/mint $LT - similar to faucets (explained in the next section).

The user will spend 1 $LT for each “click a button to win” action. Each play requires an $LT transaction.

Tx costs:

  • New users will get free $LT txs for the first 30 days (tx fees paid by the relayer)
  • Existing users pay the gas as usual.

Onchain verifiable winners (for example):

  • If the last 3 hex digits of their $LT tx hash matches the last 3 hex digits of their own wallet (or any other hex hash), the user wins $5 (1/4096 winning rate)

  • If only the last hex digit matches, the user wins 0.001 eGLD (1/16 winning rate)
    □ The purpose of this (prize and higher winning rate) is for the user to win enough gas to keep playing after the first 30 days, to get used to the blockchain transaction costs and to be able to swap/spend/use the $stable prizes they might win.

Unused $LT will expire after 7 days (similar to $XMEX energy).

$LT won’t be tradable (similar to XMEX) and it won’t be buyable (to not turn it into a casino)

Each referrer and referral user will get 3 extra $LT (part of the xPortal referral program).

Available prizes displayed to the user

How to get $LT tokens:

New users:

  • Claim/mint 1 $LT/day for the first 30 days
  • Claim/mint 1 $LT/week for the next 9 weeks (existing community will start from here)

All users:

  • Referral program - 3 $LT for each referral
  • Swap PoLNFT for 10 $LT (different NFT each month)
    □ Community members and Projects can buy and send PoLNFTs as gifts or prizes
    □ April PoLNFT can only be swapped for $LT during April


  • Prize_1 = 100 eGLD (for matching last 6 hex digits - 1/16M winning rate)
  • Prize_2 = $5 stablecoin (for matching last 3 hex digits - 1/4096 winning rate)
  • Prize_3 = $1 stablecoin (for matching last 2 hex digits - 1/256 winning rate)
  • Prize_4 = 0.001 eGLD (for matching last hex digit - 1/16 winning rate)

*Prize_1 (big impact on user) and Prize_3 (big impact on the Prize pool) can be dynamic based on Prize Pool Funds

*$LT - it’s just an example for the token name
*All numbers provided are for example purposes
*“click a button to win” is not a naming suggestion, just a way of expressing the playing action from a new user perspective.

Prize pool funding:

Community (through NFTs):

  • community can contribute to the Prize Pool by buying NFTs (named above as PoLNFT)

  • The NFT can be kept as a “Contributor collectible”, can be converted/swapped for 10 $LT, can be gifted.

  • Different NFT each month to encourage contributing/collecting each month.

  • April PoLNFT can only be converted to $LT during April

  • It can be only one level of price/benefits for NFTs (let’s say 0.99 eGLD price convertable for 10 $LT) or more levels (1 eGLD NFT, 0.5 eGLD NFT, 0.2 eGLD NFT with different $LT benefits).

Projects/dapps/builders (through NFTs):

  • They can use them for their own contests, giveaways, etc or just to contribute to the adoption acceleration.


  • Direct advertising on the page of the game. It can be an automated bidding process (but the projects have to be first whitelisted to avoid promoting scammy/fishy projects to newbies)

Game as Staking Provider:

  • it shouldn’t be under xPortal name, as it would seem like “the official SP of xPortal app” and the other staking providers might find it unfair.

  • SP fees (from delegators) can go to the Prize Pool (it would be a way for the community to contribute without the feeling that they have to spend their own eGLD)

xPortal & MvX Foundation:

  • Part of the marketing budget can go to the Prize Pool to cover the “minimum viable prize pool”

Native stablecoin issuer

  • to bootstrap/promote the stablecoin usage/adoption


For the reference I’ll use the numbers mentioned above as an example (prizes, winning rates, $LT distribution).
I’ll use “$LT txs” as the number of “click a button to win” actions.
A rough estimation for 100,000 monthly new users (active players) would be (and please correct me if I’m wrong and/or I’m missing something):

“First 30 days” participants (new users):

  • 100k users with 1 daily $LT tx each = 3,000,000 monthly $LT txs

  • Prize_1: 18.8 eGLD/month (1/16M winning rate)

  • Prize_2: $3,663/month (1/4096 wr)

  • Prize_3: $11,719/month (1/256 wr)

  • Prize_4: 187.5 eGLD/month (1/16 wr)

“Next 9 weeks” participants:

  • 200k users (as 9 weeks ~ 2 months) with 1 weekly $LT tx each = 900,000 monthly $LT txs

  • Prize_1: 5.7 eGLD/month (1/16M winning rate)

  • Prize_2: $1,099/month (1/4096 wr)

  • Prize_3: $3,516/month (1/256 wr)

  • Prize_4: 56.3 eGLD/month (1/16 wr)

Total costs = $19,997/month + 268.3 eGLD/month
Referral bonuses should have an additional 5-15% impact.
$LT from converted PoLNFT impact is not significant (and each NFT is a positive impact to the Prize Pool)

The biggest issue might be the $LT free txs for the new users in the first 30 days, which will probably add around 1,500 eGLD to the monthly costs (maybe more), but at the same time the frictionless process with minimum requirements for a new user to participate is critical.

Key takeaways:

  • The game should be stupid simple and easy for new users to participate

  • Stablecoin prizes are much more relatable to new users until they get used to eGLD and blockchain

  • High winning rate of small eGLD amounts (gas money) is important for new users learning process.

  • A big prize is also needed (to be the headline).

  • Available prizes should always be visible on the game page (even if or especially if they are dynamic depending on the Prize Pool funds).

  • Anyone should be able to participate (through NFTs and or referrals), but the game/prizes should be mostly for the new users.

  • Community contribution (1): some community members complain about the lack of marketing/adoption expecting from a central entity (MvX team) to do everything and support all the costs, some other community members are willing to help the adoption process, but there’s no direct, easy, fast way to do it.

  • Community contribution (2): PoLNFT idea is just a way for community to contribute, so the $LT benefits that come with it should in no way match the PoLNFT price. It’s just a nice “Thank you” and a way to play the game a few times and try your luck.

  • Community contribution (3): More attractive prizes → more new users willing to come and get familiar with xPortal/MvX. Less room for complaining about marketing/adoption, more room to contribute to it.

Sorry for the extra long post for a simple idea. I just hope some of these many words will spark new and better ideas for who might have the patience to read this whole thing.

Thank you