Using ZK proof to boost MultiversX on-chain usage metrics with xLaunchpad

Blockchain Proposal: Incentivizing On-Chain Usage with ZK Proofs for xLaunchpad


Enhancing on-chain usage is pivotal for the advancement of our blockchain ecosystem. Through incentivizing active participation, the aim is to draw in new builders and users, amplifying network metrics and bolstering the overall appeal of MultiversX rewarding active on-chain users. This proposal delineates a strategy centered around leveraging Brevis, a tool facilitating on-chain usage proofs via Zero-Knowledge (ZK) proofs, particularly within xlaunchpad.

Aligning xLaunchpad with On-Chain Usage:

xLaunchpad stands out as a flagship product within our ecosystem, attracting considerable interest. We propose aligning xLaunchpad with on-chain usage metrics to ensure that users demonstrating heightened on-chain activity gain enhanced access to platform features, such as acquiring project tokens.

Proposed Metrics for Boosted Access:
I suggest adding other metrics to be eligible for tickets other than staked EGLD or a boost for users with an high enough “activity score”:

  1. Number of Transactions (txs):
    Users executing a higher volume of transactions
  2. Dex Volumes / NFT Marketplace Volumes: Participation in decentralized exchanges (Dexes) and NFT marketplaces showcases a user’s involvement in the broader ecosystem. Users contributing to increased volumes should enjoy augmented access to xLaunchpad projects.
  3. Duration of Account Activity: Longer account activity periods signify sustained user engagement. To incentivize consistent usage, I propose providing additional xLaunchpad privileges based on the cumulative number of days a user’s account has been active in a set period of time before the tickets eligibility.
  4. Activity Streaks: Similar to the activity streak metric utilized in xPortal, I suggest rewarding users for maintaining consecutive days of on-chain activity, thereby fostering a habit of regular engagement.
  5. Total fees paid: The total amount of fees paid in a determined timeframe before the tickets launch
  6. Project activity: if project is already launched, activity on that project can be considered for eligibility or boost for launchpad tickets

Conclusion: By integrating Brevis and ZK proofs with xLaunchpad and implementing usage-driven incentives, we can substantially elevate on-chain usage within the MultiversX ecosystem. This approach can not only reward active users but also promote and incentivize sustained engagement, ultimately contributing to the growth and attractiveness of MultiversX.