MvX growth. But how?


I guess I’ll break the ice with the first General topic here.

As we all know, MvX needs to process a lot of daily TXs in order to become self-sustainable as eGLD inflation drops every year until it becomes insufficient and then non-existent (under the current tokenomics / economic model).

So how should MvX bring users and usage on the network?

What markets should we address? How should we address them? What kind of products/services do we need to have in the ecosystem to attract new users? What kind of partnerships do we need? How can we help new users to feel like they want to stick around and be active?

Oh, and by “we” I mean anyone and everyone in the ecosystem: the MvX team, validators, builders, partners and even simple users like me :blush:

How should MvX bring new users and usage on the network is an open and ongoing question meant to bring great ideas (or spark new ones) here in one place where they can be debated, improved and hopefully implemented.

Thank you



To me, making adoption faster goes by increasing the usecases and reaching more users,

While we have already reached most likely the blockchain nerds in Europe, we still haven’t really reached all the potential investors in Europe, the ones who really like to invest in money (housing, stock exchanges, forex, indexes, metals, primary goods, luxury goods, watches and so on …)

What may be a good way to improve the visibility of MvX is trying to reach all those investors by funneling ressources in the most used apps and platforms used by those investors.

I mean just try to contact and build some partnerships with the top 10 investing apps on google play and apple store in our regions for example (I know easier said than done but i’m just exploring options) …

I won’t talk about other continents because it’s kinda more complicated to handle everything correctly but it’s still a great way to improve the existing user base.

Also there is still untapped exchanges wich MvX is still unavailable (MontPelerin, BITSTAMP, etc …) … Wich i know for this one (BITSTAMP), there is a tracking app of all money related investment who managed to launch a crypto product through BITSTAMP and the reach in their app is 250k users (and most of them are not crypto related people).
They can access ETH/BTC/SOL but not MvX (not cool no ?) …

There is also many usecases for wich i hope companies will continue to implement on MvX (Gaming, Trading, Derivatives, TokenizedWorldAssets, DataImmutability, DataSecurity, DataPrivacy, etc …) but it also require a strong commercial team wich will sell all the pros and cons of the chain and gain specialty on the blockchain market and i hope will win shares over other networks.

While many of those solutions are in the work, there is still many things to be implemented and to work on.

Good day to all.


I think the biggest work doesn’t need to be done by MultiversX [Foundation] but by the users like you and me.

Where did Ethereum get it’s adoption from? Exactly.

If we want crypto adoption, we need to make it happen. As simple as that.
Educate politicians, go to local businesses and tell them about xMoney and whatnot.
Ask if you can pay with crypto.


I love this response!

I don’t think many understand the power a strong community can have!

Host events
Jump into X spaces
Do short videos
Design Graphics/art
Participate more here
Onboard friends and family
Learn to code

And if nothing else, like/comment/share content on social media to help bring more exposure

Everyone can add some value in their own way.

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The best growth is to build and market extraordinary products on the MultiversX chain. The best growth is organic. Be part of the community and try to build. With tools like xFabric and a lot of open sourced libraries plus xAi we try to lower the barriers in front of all builders.