Weekly MvX news/updates video

Seeing the community reaction to the recent xExchange v3 post by Lucas on twitter, I think something like this is needed and would be welcomed:

Last week at MultiversX (not a tittle suggestion)

A weekly short video containing updates. Something like a news program, something like weekly #MultiversXtech posts, but for general public:

  • short video (3 - 5 minutes)
  • one dedicated team member or multiple team members (by rotation) to deliver the news/updates.
  • the news should cover the main focus (with short updates) on each product/service/event for the last week, including things that didn’t go well or got stuck.
  • the focus should be only on the last week progress/status/overview, so deadlines and launch dates should be avoided (we all know the issues they cause)
  • maybe once in a while address some current community debates, if there’s any that stands out.
  • maybe once in a while bring a new message or idea to be debated by the community or to get feedback on.
  • the updates/language should be as non-technical as possible (for general public, even non-crypto public)


The community loves to be up to date with what’s happening at MultiversX and to know on which fronts the team is pushing and which fronts get stuck (for whatever reason).

For most community members would be much easier to keep up with a weekly overview to get an idea on the progress than having to browse through so many twitter posts, comments, telegram groups to find bits of information.

Short video format is easier to share to non-crypto people and easier for non-crypto people to digest. The same for crypto users from other ecosystems.
They probably won’t watch them on a weekly basis, but if they watch one now and another one next month, they’ll see some progress, they’ll get increasingly interested and curious to watch another one in the future and stay up to date until they feel comfortable to join the ecosystem.

I think non-promotional short video updates could be a good way to bring back some of the users from the 2021 wave. Many of them left and now they are not willing to fall for the hype again (big events, promo videos, ads) and also not willing to spend too much time to read/understand everything on twitter/telegram or to watch long townhalls, but 5-minute videos would be easier to get to their ears and to deliver short progress/overview to them every week.

Most (if not all) of our non-crypto target audience already heard about crypto, but they are just not interested enough.
They already have an (uninformed) opinion which is difficult to be changed by ads, promos, launches, events because they don’t want to get caught in the pumpy-dumpy hype game (as they see it).
I think frequent updates in an easy-to-consume format would provide some (satisfying) insights behind the ads, events or big news they see from time to time.

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