xCalendar & MultiversX Index - MIP-6

Hello. I am Cristi and have been part of the crypto space for a few years.
I grew up with MultiversX, even during the time when EGLD was known as ERD. I want to start by congratulating the team for creating a space like Agora.
So, I thought I would also make my presence here, not being sure if this is the right place for my ideas, but I leave this decision to you.

Here are my proposals:

xCalendar can represent the place where projects within MultiversX can post various information such as: Roadmap updates, Tokenomics updates, Listings, Burn events, Hackathons, Integrations, AMA sessions, Airdrops, Conferences, etc.
Integration can be done through xPortal, and individuals can receive direct reminders on the day it takes place.
It can also be synchronized with Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar. The advantages of such a calendar lie in the centralization of information, awareness of changes made by projects, and increased engagement.

MultiversX Index (MVXI)
MultiversX and the crypto space are currently in a phase of constant maturation, both through MiCA regulation and the revision of the status of crypto ETFs.
MVIX will represent the performance of projects/companies in the technology sector within MultiversX, with the aim of providing investors with a comprehensive measure of growth and evolution in the crypto markets.

Selection criteria may include:
-total capitalization
-ecosystem capitalization
-semi-annual/quarterly/annual financial performance
-diversification of project types (DEFI/NFT/AI/Oracles/etc)
-impact on the ecosystem through

The advantages of creating such an index are:
-comparability and performance
-an extra reason for project development
-accessibility to capital
-transparency and standardization
-credibility for investors
-increase in trading volume
-compliance with regulatory standards.

Love the idea.

Maybe this can be encorporated into egld. community?

I think this is a great idea but it needs more thinking to prevent abuse from bad actors.

Should there be a fee for listing?
Frictionless listings allow for bot-abuse. It would turn xCalendar into noise and spam.

You could have it such that the default visibility is proportional to the amount pledged (Like google bidding for adwords, but paid for with Tokens)

But there would still be an option to switch to the ‘unfiltered’ view.

Also, if the projects are pledging funds towards xCalendar, this fund can be redeployed back to the community in the form of Boosted rewards in relation to the projects.

Could be rewards for NFT Staking (by holding NFTs) or Reference an XExchange LP for providing boosted XMEX rewards.

The idea, is that xCalendar collateral, could act as a ‘Buy’ pressure mechanism for at the market XMEX. This could then be redirected for ‘Boosted’ rewards for the LP associated with the token of the project.

Tbh - That idea is probably a proposal of its own. I’ll create one.

I agree with @drmelone as this could be integrated into egld . community. And keep that page up-to-date, discuss with all the projects. The foundation will provide its own list of events there as well.

It is a good idea. Please build it @cristi !

This is a must! Last I heard it was in the works too.

But even with community events and spaces we already have seen a lot of overlap due to lack of a schedule. So it will be great to have a resource for the community to schedule and share events.

:+1: @dbcrypto @robert

This is already in works. It will come with the new multiversx website. It will cover:

  • MultiversX Hubs;
  • MultiversX Organized Meetups;
  • MultiversX Hackathons;
  • Conferences & Events around the world where MultiversX will have booth;
  • Community meetups and events (with the possibility for anybody willing to host one, to register it);

ETA: ~January 2024.

PS: with a brand new browsable ecosystem catalog.


@robert I will try to create it via xFabric, but firstly i’ll need access for it.
Untill then i’ll do the planning.

Very much looking forward to this!

Will the scheduling feature be easy enough for Twitter space hosts to schedule spaces? We have quite a few weekly spaces now so it will be good to help organize all those as well as the popup spaces we have.