xPortal Agora needed

I had brought this up to Sergiu but I know he is crazy busy as is everyone on the team.

I believe it would be beneficial to have an Agora setup for xPortal though since we have one for the main protocol and also xExchange.

So many ideas are tossed around on social media regarding features and monetization options that it would be great to have a dedicated place to discuss and post.


I agree with the need for a place to discuss xPortal related stuff.

xPortal is not a descentralized app and not subject to governance votes, so I think it would make more sense to maybe have an xPortal section here.
Also… too many Agoras, soon we’ll probably need one for xFabric as well :joy:

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Completely agree with this sentiment.

I don’t want to have a dozen agoras, I don’t even like having two agoras for xexchange and main one rn. Too much dissipation.
I would rather go the way of having one section per product other than having multiple agoras :slight_smile:

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Totally agree, much easier :slight_smile:

Dont create another agora, maybe a new section in this agora instead.

But we cannot expect stuff to be taken to “governance vote” because xPortal is not a decentralized network with governance after all. It’s a product, an app, owned by xPortal Labs.

But a place to discuss stuff would still be good