Onchain polls/voting dapp

I don’t know if something like this already exists or maybe wip, but I think an on-chain voting platform on MvX would be useful and entertaining.

Voting is one of the most obvious blockchain use cases and polls are usually a good and easy way to engage communities, so I’ll just share some thoughts on what I’d like to see from such a platform.

Anyone should be able to easily create a poll by just setting up some parameters:

Eligibility to vote:

  • Holders of a specific token (and maybe minimum amount).
  • Specific amount of staked/delegated eGLD.
  • Any MvX wallet

Vote duration:

  • Ongoing - with the option of changing your vote once every specific amount of time (eg. you change your vote after at least 7 days since the last vote/change).
  • Fixed - the poll ends after a specific amount of time.

Voting power:

  • depending on the specific token (or stake) amount (similar to the linear governance vote).
  • each voter = 1 voting power.

Nice to have:

  • Option for confidential vote.
  • Option for multiple selection poll.

To create such a poll should probably not cost more than 0.05 - 0.1 EGLD.

Who might use such a platform?

  • Projects - to get feedback from their community (their token holders)

  • Contests - for example: xDay2024 Community Awards

  • Anyone, just for fun - “What’s the best memecoin on MvX?”, “What other L1s do you user?”, etc

  • Anyone, to get feedback for different ideas

On-chain voting can provide a secure and verifiable voting system, so this kind of platform might be expanded to premium and more custom features for enterprise level use cases in the future and why not, even for local authorities at some point.