"Dust remover" like feature - MIP-9


My MIP is, or should be, pretty easy and straight forward. If you haven’t already tought of it for the V3 version on the xExchange, here’s my Proposal :

This feature is just like, for reference, Binance’s one: allow the User to convert all dust/small balances in EGLD/WEGLD/USDC.

Since all people with XMEX are collecting the Fees Rewards acconrdingly to their Energy.
With my Wallet I’m getting this “dust” and I think that being able to Swap in 1 interaction anything that is under the 1$ value would be nice and keep the wallet organised and tidy with no many rows to see when going thorugh it.

Since I propose it, I see it as a nice feat for those who have OCDs on keeping stuff organised/minimalistic.

I haven’t been too techinical as I consider the concept very simple to understand and implement.

Hi, do you mean something similar like xDustConverter or the Dust Convert Tool by Dapfy or even xBoost by Ofero or finally MoonDustX by QuantumX. (Btw you can access most of them straight through xPortal Hub)

Either way, if you want to propose that xExchange V3 should have a custom Dust Converter Tool baked into the UI, which I think is an interesting idea, you should propose it on the xExchange Agora. Many similar ideas regarding new simple features are being discussed there, and it better fits the xExchange Agora than the MultiversX Agora.

Hei there!

Had no clue there are “vertical” Agoras
I’ll post in on xEchange’s one and take in also your suggestions since I did not know about them!

Thank you.