Wipe/freeze a scammer's wallet

gm guys.

i think this scammer has taken it too far and i’d like to discuss the possibility of doing something about this.

i’m talking about “ihbou/caviareggs”. it’s a known scammer from mvx, with multiple hard rugs/scams created in the past 2 years.

wallet: https://explorer.multiversx.com/accounts/erd1u56jnt0l5sw6f92swd4eshyfchsr48sqrdh4tfxptayw6e42vfnsvdez3m/tokens?page=4

his wallet could be frozen/wiped, at least for MEX/XMEX because they were created with illicit funds that can definitely be proven on the blockchain.

on the threats he personally sent me, i can press charges and we’ll see where that goes, but it won’t be linked to his wallet to get a legal document that can make the wipe/freeze easy.

i know we’re in the wild west land, but this is not about decentralization. this is about security against 100% proven scams. his rugs are not questionable, it’s not a matter of ‘failed product/undelivered promises’. it’s about a scammer that everybody knows about for years and nothing can be done.

well, is there really nothing that can be done in the face of unquestionable scams?

Though I know about caviareggs, I dont think we should freeze or wipe his wallet from MEX/xMEX.

Freezing and wiping should ONLY be done in case of a hack or severe illegal activity.

Yes they did illegal stuff, but it was not very big. And there are rugs everyday on any chain, even on MultiversX. We cannot and should not freeze anything and everything all the time.

(Also, perhaps this discussion should better be placed in xExchange since it’s MEX/xMEX related?)

Whats your opinion on providing authorities with evidence like IPs and other stuff, if someone starts an official law suit?