MultiversX NFC Ring - Payments/ XPortal Referral links

Not sure if this is the right place to post this idea but here goes nothing :slight_smile:

I was thinking about what could help to get the outside world talking about MultiversX and our fantastic app and this came to mind:

To further enhance user experience and expand our offerings, we could think about creating an NFC ring. Ideally this ring should have two utilities, 1-enable users to make contactless payments seamlessly, 2-serve as a referral tool to onboard new users to the MultiversX ecosystem through Xportal, in a very cool and unique way.

Market Opportunity:
The global market for contactless payments is rapidly growing, driven by the increasing adoption of digital payment solutions and the convenience they offer. NFC-enabled wearables, such as payment rings, represent a niche yet expanding segment within this market, catering to consumers seeking more seamless and secure payment experiences - we could be the FIRST CRYPTO WEARABLE.
This alone will attract some media attention.

Product Description:
The MultiversX NFC payment ring will feature NFC technology that allows users to make contactless payments at supported merchants and terminals (option to pay with crypto)
Additionally, the ring will have two functionalities:

  1. Payments: Users can link their MultiversX accounts to the payment ring and securely authorize transactions with a tap.
  2. Referral Link: The ring will have a unique NFC tag or chip embedded in one half, allowing users to share a referral link to download the MultiversX Xportal app with friends and family.

Unique Selling Proposition:

  • Seamless Crypto&Fiat Payments: The MultiversX NFC payment ring offers users a convenient and secure way to make contactless payments without the need for physical cards or smartphones.
  • Viral Growth: By integrating a referral link feature, the ring encourages user engagement and facilitates the organic growth of the MultiversX ecosystem.
  • Brand Visibility: The stylish design of the payment ring serves as a wearable branding tool, increasing visibility and recognition of the MultiversX brand among users and their networks.

The MultiversX/XPortal NFC payment ring can be a compelling opportunity to expand the company’s product portfolio and enhance its ecosystem. By offering users a seamless and secure payment experience coupled with a viral referral mechanism, we can drive user adoption, engagement, and brand loyalty within the MultiversX community.
Plus it think it will be dope!! :))

Looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts!