Bridge All Blockchains and All Tokens


We need a lowfee/reliable/uncapped/permissionless bridge to bring traders/liquidity/investors from other ecosystem unlike what we have now.

Allow liquidity and capital to flow seamlessly. That’s what our society and moto of web3 is all about.

Moving capital shouldn’t be hard or restrictive, open the valves, market will adjust and reward this decision.

Again, what is the problem here ? Is it technical because of esdts ? Or else ?

Thanks for reading.

Well, I think you can imagine building bridges to all networks takes a LOT of time and money and effort. A bridge to a single network is months of work, a lot of money and auditing time also.

And in the end, it might not even be worth it building a bridge there, because there is no interest of that network to use that bridge (=wasted money).

First build bridges to important/bigger networks like Ethereum and BSC (done, with the multiversx bridge). Hatom recently launched a Bittensor bridge and Onefinity built a Solana bridge.

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