Vega Release - rc/v1.7.0


This page explains the contents of the rc/v1.7.0 release code named Vega. It is split in 2 sections:

  • the features list containing detailed insights of the feature along with the external impact and the relevant
    pull requests list;
  • the smaller features and fixes area contains the one-pull request small features or fixes along with the
    external impact details;

This documentation is relevant for the tags/v1.7.8 tag release.


1. Staking v4 [#4934]
Staking v4 feature eliminates the infamous staking queue that prevented easier access to a staking position regardless the stake value. The queue was replaced with an auction mechanism that decides at each epoch change the key set that will be pushed to the waiting list based on the distributed top-up available.
The official staking-v4 docs can be found here.
Full description here.

2. Enable Epochs Handler [#5419]
This feature refactors the enable epochs component to become more extensible and avoid the unnecessary changes in the satellite repos for the mx-chain-go repo.
Full description and impact here.

3. Chain Simulator [#5558]
This feature adds the components required to create a binary that can be configured and parametrized to run like a very small-footprint blockchain. It supports sharding, full block processing, fast block generation and 100% full proxy (gateway) endpoints. This tool can automatize testing scenarios that could, otherwise, be possible only on deployed blockchain consisting on a multiple node instances. The integration can be used from here.
Full description and impact here.

Smaller features and fixes can be found here.