NFT-ID standard | digital identity| connect addresses with NFTs’ images

Some like and some dislike NFTs.

What we all like is our digital identity, which can be defined by usernames, profile pics etc.

We have herotags that help give some “personality” to wallets instead of a random alphanumeric erd address.

What I suggest is to create a standard to connect an NFT of choice to your own address, so that projects in the space can use herotags and the NFT to display a username and profile pic.

So I envision a standard for users to select an NFT to load profile image infos when connecting to websites, games, dApps.

Imagine playing different videogames without the need to set-up the username and profile image. Once you connect the wallet the dAPP will display:

  • The herotag as username

  • NFT image as profile pic

I also see potential for using @itheum data-NFTs and dynamic NFTs to attach infos to the NFT so that an address becomes a digital account with more info:

  • A point system between games
  • Level of activity
  • A reputation system
  • KYC if user KYCed
  • Username
  • Connected friends


  1. Enhanced User Experience: By linking NFTs to digital addresses, users can enjoy a more cohesive and personalized experience across different websites, games, and dApps.
  2. Efficiency: With a standard in place, users no longer need to manually set up usernames and profile images for each platform. Instead, upon wallet connection, the chosen herotag and NFT image will be automatically displayed.
  3. Expanded Utility: Beyond static profile images, the integration of dynamic NFTs and @itheum data-NFTs opens up avenues for additional functionalities. These may include the establishment of point systems across games, activity tracking, reputation systems, KYC verification status, and connection management with friends.
    Enhanced Community Connectivity: Facilitating the creation of social networks sharing user data promotes a cohesive online environment. Users can seamlessly interact across platforms, fostering a sense of community and interconnectedness within the ecosystem.

As an avid NFT collector I love the idea. Hell, I wish we could integrate with X because I’d love to use my NFTS as my pfp in lieu of just taking a snapshot and uploading a photo. For Many NFT’s are our identity and personality traits